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Our funding

While we are a 100% volunteer organization, which means we spend $0 on staffing, operating an ambulance service is costly.  We have to replenish trauma supplies, refill oxygen tanks,  Epipens, maintain defibrillators, and eventually replace aging  equipment.  For example, an ambulance stretcher costs over $15,000.  An ambulance comes with the $200,000 price tag.

Medical care and transportation we provide is 100% free for our patients.  We never bill you or your insurance.  We completely rely on the only source of funding - donations by River Edge residents.  Your generosity has kept us operating for 70 years. 

Starting August 2021 your generous donations are also used to cover copayment portion of the bill for the services provided by our daytime partner Holy Name hospital EMS.  See Will I get a bill for more details.

How to donate

Monetary donations via Paypal or check are tax deductible.