2021 Refresher Session

March 11, 2021

The River Edge Volunteer Ambulance Service recently held a Refresher Training Session via ZOOM. REVAS EMT Bobby Alexiou led a class for 12 EMTs, Drivers and Probationary Members dealing with various methods for the controlling of bleeding and the appropriate use of the backboard and spinal stabilization (cervical collars).

Refreshing skills is an important aspect of REVAS. All these skills are taught and developed at the Bergen County EMS Training Center that all our EMTs attend and are reinforced in the continuing education courses they take to renew their certifications. The refresher classes we do locally are done to provide additional hands-on training to reinforce those skills.

Bleeding control deals with all aspects of wound treatment from simple bandaging to protect infections, to the use of the pressure bandages, filling a void and tourniquet use to prevent excessive blood loss.

The backboard and the cervical collars are used to allow the injured patient to be transported in a safe manner. There are various situations that require their use and others where it is not necessary. This portion of the class reviewed these situations.

The session was recorded in order to allow members who were not available to attend to review it as time would allow.

Volunteers are welcome. If you are interested in learning more about volunteering, please contact us at riveredgeems@gmail.com with your contact information and one of our officers will contact you to discuss your interest or call us at 201-261-8094. Additional information about volunteering can be found on our website at www.revas.org