River Edge Volunteer Ambulance Service

Cat adoption event May 6th 12pm-4pm

There are many ways to save lives.  Stop by at the River Edge Ambulance, learn about volunteering with the Ambulance Corps, and meet cats and kittens looking for a new chance at life!

210 Continental Ave, River Edge

Our organization

The River Edge Volunteer Ambulance Service ("REVAS") was officially incorporated in 1949 and began its first 24 hour schedule on June 1st, 1949 at 7am. The organization was initially composed of forty three members with twenty nine actively taking calls to the 9,000 residents of the borough. Over 69 years later we are continuing to provide exemplary emergency medical care as a fully volunteer squad 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, free of charge.

As many other volunteer ambulance corps. around the country, we experienced increasing difficulty of attracting new volunteers to replace the retiring ones.  Despite our extensive efforts reaching out to the River Edge community and promoting volunteerism, eventually we were no longer able to provide the service during the daytime hours.  

In August 2021 REVAS and our town leadership signed a contract with the Holy Name hospital naming them a designated EMS provider from 7am to 7pm.  Under this contract, REVAS, not the patient, is responsible for the copay part of the ambulance bill.  That ensures that the service continues to result in no out-of-the-pocket burden despite the time of the day the resident calls 911.

We hope this is a temporary situation aggravated by COVID-19 pandemic and we will return to 24x7 operation eventually.  But that will only be possible if you, town residents, join the team of our dedicated volunteers!

Mailing Address: 

River Edge Volunteer Ambulance Service


River Edge, NJ 07661

Phone: 201-261-8094

Email: riveredgeems@gmail.com