River Edge Volunteer Ambulance Service

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The River Edge Volunteer Ambulance Service ("REVAS") was officially incorporated in 1949 and began its first 24 hour schedule on June 1st, 1949 at 7am. The organization was initially composed of forty three members with twenty nine actively taking calls to the 9,000 residents of the borough. Over 69 years later we are continuing to provide exemplary emergency medical care as a fully volunteer squad 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Currently there are thirty-five members who actively respond to the requests of the eleven thousand residents of the Borough. In the first year of service the Corps answered 230 calls compared to over 700 calls last year. It is through the dedication of veteran members, the interest of new members, and the generous funds of the residents of River Edge and other outside donations that REVAS is able to provide this outstanding care.

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River Edge Volunteer Ambulance Service


River Edge, NJ 07661

Phone: 201-261-8094

Email: riveredgeems@gmail.com